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Tonight's Webimar


Last night I sent you an email about the live webcast we're hosting at 9PM EST tonight.

Ever since last night's email I've gottenan avalanche of requests asking for thelink to attend tonight's live webcast.

As promised, here's your link to attend:


By the looks of things it's going to be afull house tonight, so you should get on the webcast a couple minutes early.

During the LIVE webcast you'll hear:

  • About a brand new project we've been quietly
    working on for the past couple of months and
    how this will change the industry forever...
  • How you can potentially engineer your biggest
    month ever in Empower Network by following 
    the plan I'm going to layout for you tonight..
  • The one thing you should do if you want to go
    from where you are to where you want to be...

And so much more...

This is all happening tonight at 9PM EST.


Love ya'
David Wood

- The EN Team





At 9:00PM EST (NOW) I'm hosting a private 
live hangout for our All In members..

... And I've got some really exciting
news I've got to tell you tonight :-)

Can you get here?

I've asked a group of our leaders tobe with us on tonight's call with us.

We're going to let you in on a few
cutting-edge strategies that have
been shown to work really well...

However, you need to make sure
you don't share these strategies
with anyone else. OK?

It's our little secret :-)

... And a secret that you can use
to get one step closer to having
the time-freedom you've always

It starts by joining us here at right now!


Love ya'
David Wood

P.S. If you're not all In this is the
time to make the decision to getall in.

If you miss this meeting you will
wish you hadn't when you watch
the new success stories that will
be birthed as a result of taking
action on tonight's information.

This is your kick in the butt to 
get all in now while you can...

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go here and get all in

2. Meet us here tonight!

See you there!

- The EN Team


 Tonight's Webinar is about YOU David Wood

Tonight's Webinar is about YOU...


Tonight at 9:00PM EST, I'll be live along 
with a group of special guests who I invited 
to be with us on tonight's private hangout.

There are two requirements I have that 
you must meet if you want to join us on 
tonight's hangout.

First - here's what tonight is about.

It's about the vow you made to yourself.

You know the one.

Every person makes a vow when they get
in this business, and I'm sure you did too.

You made a promise to yourself that oneday you would experience true freedom.

... That life would be lived on your terms.

I want to help you achieve that freedom.

It's my vision.

My purpose.

And the sole reason why I am hosting a
private hangout tonight at 9:00PM EST.

It's to layout the step-by-step plan that 
you can follow leading up to our Fightthe Forces of Evil Event.

I'm going to show you exactly what you
need to be doing in your business over
the next 90 days in order to grow your
business and ultimately, have freedom. 

There are two requirements I have that 
you must meet if you want to join us on 
tonight's hangout, here they are:

1. You must be committed to your vow.

I'm only going to share the game-plan
to those who are committed to making
a change in their life.

To achieve any amount of noteworthysuccess in your life - you must willing
to commit to yourself and the plan.

2. You must be ALL-IN

Tonight's hangout is only accessible
to those who are ALL-IN.

Those are my two requirements. 

If you meet the above requirementsyou can access tonight's hangoutby using this link:

Click this link tonight at 9:00PM EST:

If you are not an ALL-IN member yetmake the decision to commit to your
vow, get ALL-IN and get to tonight'shangout.

You can't afford to miss it. 

I'll see you there,
David Wood

P.S. One of the greatest quotes I've
heard in my life was the following:

"You must make a choice to take a 
chance, or things will never change."

This is your chance. 

1. Commit to your vow
2. Get ALL-IN
3. Join us here at 9:00PM EST 

- The EN Team

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